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Sam Singh





Sam Singh received a B.S. degree in history from Michigan State University in 1994. Shortly after graduating, Sam enrolled in the Michigan Political Leadership Fellowship Program at Michigan State University.

After receiving his degree, Sam gained extensive experience in nonprofit management, philanthropy, and local government. During this time, he served as the President and CEO of the Michigan Nonprofit Association from 1997-2007 and as the Mayor the City of East Lansing from 2005-2007. As mayor he was an effective leader in shaping state and local policies and programs that supported the community.

From 2009-2012, Sam was a Senior Consultant with the New Economy Initiate (NEI). The NEI was launched in 2008 as a unique philanthropic initiative aimed to help restore the region to a position of leadership in the new global economy. While consulting for the NEI, Sam was committed to increasing prosperity and expanding opportunity for all residents and communities in the region.

Additionally, from 2013-2018, Sam represented the 69th District which consists of the communities of East Lansing, Meridian Township, Locke Township and Williamstown Township. While serving as a representative, he was elected as the Democratic Leader for the 2017-2018 session of the Michigan State House of Representatives.

Sam lives in East Lansing with his loving wife, Kerry, and three-year-old son, Remy. He enjoys adventuring around town and connecting with the locals. After wrapping up his last term as State Representative, Sam returned to consulting and is now the Chief Executive Officer with Public Policy Associates, Inc. based in Lansing. 

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