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Youth Solutions transforms lives by inspiring and connecting youth to achieve a future beyond imagination.

With your generosity, we can impact more youth throughout the state of Michigan!

Your donation will provide transformational services that will help our youth achieve their future goals including:


One on one mentoring with role models who will stay with them every step of the way


Pathway exploration to help youth believe, plan, and achieve their future education and career goals

Youth an opportunity to attend the Student Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C.

The appropriate uniform and transportation to a job

A sense of belonging that will help build their confidence and give them the courage to succeed

The skills needed to navigate life’s challenges

We appreciate any level of life-changing investment in our youth.

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I am employed with two jobs, one as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I am self-sufficient and career bound because of my time in the program. I was a kid with a dream, now I am a kid with a plan.

- Hunter