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Make a Difference in the Life of a Young Person - Partner with Us

At Youth Solutions we envision a Michigan where every young person is educated, employed and career-bound. During the 2020/2021 pandemic-driven school year, more than 45,000 Michigan youth who should have been in school disconnected from education altogether. How do we work together to not only bring these young people back into the classroom, but keep them on the path toward high school graduation with a seamless transition to further education and/or employment?

We believe the answers lie both in the expansion of strategic partnerships and in the relentless pursuit of our purpose to inspire and connect youth to create a future beyond imagination. Each time an employer steps foot into a Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates classroom to share their career journey and occupation, a seed for a brand-new future is planted. As our youth don hard hats and scrubs on company tours, youth begin to feel what a future in construction or healthcare would be like. As youth engage in one-on-one informal career chats with a lawyer, they start to envision themselves arguing a case in court. Quite simply, if youth can’t see it, they can’t be it.

As we pivot to a post-pandemic classroom, we need our employer and postsecondary partners now more than ever. Whether you are an individual looking to dedicate time to mentor our youth or you are a senior executive looking to impact your future talent pipeline while making a difference, we want to connect with you. Learn more on our website or by contacting Elizabeth Bernhard,


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