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New Youth Solutions Social Media Pages, Follow Us!

Youth Solutions is growing, and so are the many ways we are impacting Michigan's youth. Our social media properties will now reflect our growth. On May 1, we launched a Youth Solutions Twitter and Facebook Page! Now, in addition to updates from our Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) program, you'll see all of the other amazing things Youth Solutions is doing to help youth achieve a future beyond imagination. We know you are passionate about JMG, and so are we. The JMG social media pages will continue to spotlight our programs throughout the state and celebrate the successes of our youth.

With the growing trajectory of our new service offering, Youth Solutions Select and our digital support tool, we need a platform to represent this innovative approach. To our stakeholders that partner with us to support the work we do, you will have the chance to see how our organization as a whole is working towards our mission of equipping young people with the skills to overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment, and in life.

Follow our new Youth Solutions Twitter and Facebook pages! If you aren’t already following our JMG Pages, please follow us: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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