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Spotlight on Avary Wilson: Celebrating National Welding Month with JMG’s Rising Star in Welding

In honor of National Welding Month, we are excited to spotlight Avary Wilson, one of our very own Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) youth from Networks Northwest. Avary's passion for welding began during her freshman year when she took a seminar class and became enamored with the machinery in the classroom. She decided to pursue welding and enrolled in the class as a sophomore, continuing to take it throughout her junior and senior years.

Avary has been an active member of JMG since her sophomore year, and credits the program with providing her invaluable experiences and opportunities for skills development that have helped shape her future path. When asked about the impact of JMG, Avary shared, "It helped prepare me for what I'll experience later in life, for example, interviews."

Last year, JMG also gave Avary the opportunity to meet with an ornamental welding artist, which further fueled her passion for this field. Although Avary is still exploring her options for the future, she plans to attend community college, hoping to continue ornamental welding. She is currently working on welding projects for her family.

Avary's dedication to welding is a testament to her strong work ethic, which is evident not only in her pursuit of welding but also in her involvement in sports throughout high school. She played softball, volleyball, and basketball for three years, concentrating on softball and volleyball during her senior year. Additionally, Avary works at a restaurant during the summer months, demonstrating her commitment to hard work and determination.

We are proud to have Avary as a member of our JMG family and look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes in the future. Congratulations, Avary, on your achievements and for representing JMG so well during National Welding Month.

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