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Summer Summit Keynote Speaker, Dar Mayweather, to Deliver Transformative DEI Message

Teaching to engage diversity, to include all learners and to seek equity in education prepares students to be civically engaged adults. Educating our network about diversity acknowledges differences in the learning environment. Informing about inclusion embraces differences among students. Practicing equity allows our understanding of these differences to be transformative in the way we think, teach, learn and act. When students are confident that they are in a fair and just learning environment, they can achieve a future beyond imagination.

The Keynote Speaker at this year’s Summer Summit, Youth Solutions annual professional development conference, is Dar Mayweather, the founder of Dar helps organizations confidently engage in critical conversations around diversity and inclusion. His work is grounded in education, counseling, leadership, social justice and organizational theory. But trust us, this won’t be your typical keynote! Dar has a transformative message that challenges listeners to do the good work that matters.


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