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New Youth Solutions Select Partnership with KRESA at Galesburg-Augusta High School

Youth Solutions is excited to announce the recent launch of the Youth Solutions (YS) Select service at Galesburg-Augusta High School which will impact over 350 students. YS Select supports schools and districts in the creation of a comprehensive Career Development Program that can impact youth for years to come. This is the first school to launch YS Select through our partnership with Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA). Youth Solutions staff is working alongside a team of Career Development Consultants at KRESA to implement the YS Select service. Wendy Somers, the superintendent of Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools, knows how important it is to prioritize career development and is eager to improve upon the great work that is already happening.

The YS Select service follows a multi-year, five phase process beginning with a thorough needs assessment and focuses on continued support to ensure student success. The relationship established between the school and Youth Solutions is intended to be long-term to provide quality programming with lasting outcomes. Since the focus of YS Select is on the people and systems that support and deliver career development services, the impact is far reaching and sustainable. The ultimate goal of YS Select is to create a school culture prioritizing career development that impacts all students.

Visit the Youth Solutions website to learn more about our YS Select service.


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