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Hear directly from our youth about how the Job's for Michigan's Graduate program has impacted their life. 

     Jenika Horton 
Hamady High School
J Lewis Pic.jpg

One of the best things I learned in JMG was how to navigate college. If it wasn't for JMG I would not know how to navigate enrollment, financial aid, classes, and course scheduling.

Jalen Lewis
Family Literacy Center -
sarah 2.jpg

This course has been a salvation for me. Every school should have this program because it teaches you things you need in life. To any young adult considering joining JMG I would say do it and don’t hesitate...there is no better teacher than the one I have. This program screams success.

Sarah Jones Moody
Pershing High School
Cheyenne McMillon Pic.jpg

For me, it started with a visit to Michigan Works! I walked in feeling like I had no other options, and they changed that for me. They offered me direction in a sea of paths. They offered me a sense of ability and reminded me of my worth in a tumultuous time.

Cheyenne McMillion
Kalamazoo County
Alivia Gonzales
Midland High School
crystal 2.jpg

JMG means many things, not only has it helped me get to where I am today career wise and figure out what I want to do in the future. 

Crystal Steele
Hartford High School
Amari McKinney
Bridge Academy
David Liimatta (1).png

A day in the life of a JMG student can vary a lot because JMG students are always trying to make the most out of every opportunity they are given. That may mean exceeding in their college classes, doing their best to help the community, or even just being that person who puts you in a good mood. What ever a JMG student does, they do it well because they know how important their opportunities are.

David Liimatta
Marquette Alger Technical Middle College
Joseph Shaw-Handley
Capital Area Michigan Works
Leonardo Trejo
Michigan Works Southeast
Matt Cadwell
East Jordan High School
Lila Bobolz Family Literacy Center_edited.jpg

JMG has also helped me develop social skills and feel confident speaking with people. I am excited for JMG to help me reach my goals this summer by getting to experience job shadows and hopefully enter training for a job in the medical field. Before I enrolled in JMG, I didn’t think that it would be possible for me to go to college, but now I know that I can. I want everyone to know how this program can change lives for youth across the state of Michigan.

Lila Bobolz
Family Literacy Center - Lapeer
Dazmenn Miller - Killins GST Michigan Works Flint OOS.jpg

Since joining JMG, I've been working on my leadership skills and doing professional development. It was a great experience to attend Leadership Day this year. I was able to face my fears on the obstacles and learn how to work together as a team. Also, knowing that I can count on my JMG specialist for mentorship and personal support is meaningful to me.

Dazmenn Miller - Killins
GST Michigan Works! - Flint Out of School
Carson Haskin North Ed CTC.jpg

At least for me, Jobs for Michigan Graduates (or known as JMG) presents itself as a valuable resource; an opportunity to assist young adolescents in entering the workforce in Michigan. It aids students in figuring out what possible further education they need, jobs they may want to pursue, and helps with the construction of a portfolio and resume. This is very much a resource that should not be left for ignorance: it is a resource that should be taken hold of. Then when they ask you what path you walked to get to your career, you can tell them about the program named “JMG” and how it helped make sense of the career mania.

Carson Haskin
North Ed Career Tech Center
Shamira Churchwell WMW Muskegon .jpg

JMG means a lot of different things to me. It means a reset, progress and then success. JMG reminds me that it is okay to start over. It helps me remember that I have to put what matters the most first in order to go the furthest. I have never been so real and truthful with myself since I joined the JMG program. My JMG specialist, Ms. Trena, has been nothing but a blessing to me. I have so much knowledge and resources at my reach. I feel like I cannot fail!

Shamira Churchwell
West Michigan Works! - Muskegon
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