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Nolan Henson is a JMG Class of 2018 alumnus from Flint Southwestern Classical Academy and a graduate from Central Michigan University, where he majored in Sociology and Non-Profit Administration.


While in JMG, Nolan took on a leadership role as a member of the JMG Executive Board within his classroom. This allowed him to develop skills in event planning, arranging volunteer events, and setting up fundraisers. During his senior year of high school, Nolan’s goal was to acquire as many college scholarship as possible. His JMG specialists supported him and helped him gain access to a computer. Throughout his senior year, Nolan secured over 8 scholarships, totalling over $30,000.


At CMU, Nolan’s commitment to academic excellence and social awareness was evident thorugh his involvement in the Academic Scholars program and the Multicultural Advancement Scholars initiative. These platforms provided him with extracurricular activities and coursework centered on cultural, social, and historical contexts shaping contemporary society. Nolan also served as an Inclusion Assistant where he contributed to fostering cultural awareness within residence halls, championing equity and justice, and ensuring students’ success to vital resources.


Nolan is the Grants Manager for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint. He is passionate about providing access to housing, youth development, economic development and education. He also serves as the Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Chair where he is instrumental in fundraising efforts, and spearheads recruitment initiatives and community outreach. As Chair of the YAC, Nolan is an honorary member of the Youth Solutions Board of Directors.

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