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The Career Development Conference (CDC) is Youth Solutions’ annual event where youth have the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned throughout the year in the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) program. This event highlights workplace skills and knowledge, such as creative problem solving, interview skills, and career preparation. Career-based competitions provide students real-world practice for future employment opportunities while volunteer judges evaluate and offer feedback to our future leaders. Moreover, inspirational speeches and student recognition allow our young people to envision and aspire towards their future careers.

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See Highlights from this Year!

nolan and sarah 2023
matmc jmg bowl cdc 2023
bh jmg bowl 2023
Mollie with Alumni Volunteers cdc
bridge academy cdc 2023
creative problem solving cdc 2023
comp event cdc 2023
interview skills 2023
Pershing HS CDC 2023
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Thank You to our 2023 Volunteers!

About our Volunteers: Volunteers made a difference by serving as guest judges for one of our employability skills competitions. They were asked to evaluate our young people with a structured evaluation sheet, provide feedback to the students, and select event winners.

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Thank you for your ongoing support of Youth Solutions and Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates programming and for working with us to inspire and connect youth to achieve a future beyond imagination.

Brooke Modro - YOY at CDC 2023.JPG

Brooke Modro


Youth of the Year

Hartford High School

Youth Solutions

2023 Youth of the Year Winners

Saylar aoy 202 edited.png

Saylar Busher


Alumni of the Year

Bridge Academy of Southwest Michigan

Lailah YOY Cdc 2023.JPG

Lailah Smith


Youth of the Year

Downriver Community Conference

Southeast Michigan Community Alliance - SEMCA Michigan Works!

2023 Notable Alumni of the Year Winners

Nolan Notable Alumni of the Year .JPG

Nolan Henson ’18


Notable Alumni of the Year

Flint Southwestern Classical Academy

GST Michigan Works!

Mani Headshot.jpg

Mani Mesh ’20


Notable Alumni of the Year

Windover High School

The Institute for Excellence in Education

1st place chapter marketing winners.JPG

2023 First Place Chapter Marketing Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Chapter Marketing winners! Their passion for JMG truly showed through their talent and creativity. Watch the 1st place video, “Windover Warriors” submitted by our youth from Windover High School!

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2023 Competitive Event Winners

JMG Bowl winners 2023.png
Career Prep Winners 2023.png
Chapter Marketing Winners 2023.png
Interview Skills Winners 2023.png
Creative Problem Solving Winners 2023.png
Lasha presenting at 2023 cdc.JPG

2023 Keynote Speaker: Lasha Murray

The Unapologetic Career Coach

Lasha lives in San Antonio, TX, married almost 15 years and a proud Mom of three teenagers. She spent 22 years in a Corporate career. She recently retired from her Corporate Career to pursue her passionate purpose as a servant leader helping others achieve career success. She is known as the Unapologetic Career Coach because she, unapologetically helps Women re-ignite their inner Boss!! Her organization strives to build confidence and a safe space to empower women to elevate their career(s) and achieve the success they deserve. In addition to career coaching, Lasha also assists organizations with reshaping their culture by training leaders on how to motivate their teams through initial engagement, reengagements and connectivity to the organization's strategy and mission.

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