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Carpentry Class
JMG Youth

What We Do


We work with Michigan’s youth and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential in education and employment.


We create a personalized learning environment that will prepare our youth for their next step and beyond. To accomplish this, we work with each young person to create a customized approach to help them achieve their goals.


Our youth are encouraged to explore their interests through partner connections and career workshops. This exposure helps our youth dream big and achieve great things. It also provides our Employer Partners with access to work-ready, skilled talent. It’s a win-win!


No matter how challenging the current circumstances are for our youth, we have a deeply engaged and heavily invested group of adults supporting them along their journey.

Our Services

Youth Solutions is closing the gap between education and workforce development by providing Michigan’s young people with equitable access to education and employment pathways through two service delivery avenues: 

JMG Hartford High School youth
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Through JMG and YS Select, we impact over 8,400 youth annually in 85 cities, through 132 programs and services with over 150 statewide partners.

JMG Youth Ravyon

Sometimes, there are situations where you can get lost in high school but in JMG you find yourself and everything you need. It is a resource to help you through high school, college and after college. JMG is a great emotional support group that helps you through every day life.

- Ravyon

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