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Jobs for Michigan's Graduates


As the premier program of Youth Solutions, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) helps young people find their path to education and employment success.

What We Do

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JMG provides one-on-one services delivered specifically in communities where youth are facing multiple socioeconomic barriers and high youth disconnection rates. We create equitable access to education and employment, providing the knowledge and skills needed to identify a high-wage, in-demand career, all while helping young people overcome individual barriers and ensuring success.


JMG services are delivered in two phases: active and follow-up which is 12 additional months of service delivery for youth who have earned a high school diploma/GED. JMG specialists (staff delivering the services) provide a sense of purpose and belonging in addition to trauma-informed care, focusing on both educational and emotional development.

  • Life Skills Taught at 100 Locations

  • Pathways to Employment

  • Paid Work Experiences

  • A Built-In Networking Community

Program Models


Middle School



Out of School

College Success

JMG Youth

Our Outcomes


graduation rate, 10+ years running


of graduates go on to postsecondary education, employment or the military


youth have been served in the JMG program since 2008

*Total number as of 11/3/23*

JMG Youth

Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates is the Michigan affiliate of the national Jobs for America’s Graduates  (JAG) network, one of the largest and most successful student-centered programs that help young people achieve their fullest potential.


The Role of the JMG Specialist 

“Specialists are the local, on-the-ground teachers who work with JAG’s students on a daily basis. They are often the first trusted adults in these students’ lives. They work with the students to help them overcome the many barriers at school and in their personal lives that can prevent them from graduating and reaching their full potential. Specialists push their kids forward and pull them along. They are the safe harbor, the secure anchor every teenager wants and needs.” - Forbes Magazine, May 12. 2020

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of the Month

This recognition is given to Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) specialists who consistently promote quality JMG program standards, and who have gone above and beyond expectations to help youth overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment and in life.

JMG Youth

JMG has been a salvation for me. Every school should have this program because it teaches you things you need in life. To any young adult considering joining JMG I would say DO IT and don’t hesitate. This program screams success.

- Sarah

JMG Youth

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