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A Message from Our Family to Yours

Group holding hands

Dear Friends and Partners,

Youth Solutions, Inc. and its Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) network was founded to provide equal opportunity for all of Michigan’s young people to pursue meaningful education and employment. For the 16,000 young people that have participated in JMG, many of whom are of a racial minority, we understand that racism is another barrier they have faced and will continue to face without substantive changes.

The racial inequalities that have captured our nation’s attention is a powerful reminder that the principle of equality must remain a steadfast and active part of our nation’s fabric. We strongly condemn all forms of racism and discrimination and advocate for equal treatment of all. This is a core tenant of our organization and we will continue our efforts to empower positive change in our communities across the state.

It’s essential to encourage youth to use their voice for good. It’s equally essential to have productive conversations where we listen, understand and take appropriate actions to ensure an equal and great future for all of Michigan’s youth. We welcome and want to participate in these conversations. Michigan’s young people are our most valuable asset; let’s help them succeed in education, employment and in life.

Kristin Harrington Jeff Swears

Executive Director Chairman of the Board

Youth Solutions, Inc. Youth Solutions, Inc.


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