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Alma College Sharing Postsecondary Education Opportunities

In alignment with Governor Whitmer’s “Sixty by 30” initiative to increase the percentage of Michiganders who have a postsecondary credential to 60% by 2030, we are creating strategic partnerships with Michigan colleges and universities. One such partnership is with Alma College. Did you know that Alma College offers some form of financial aid to 100% of their students? On April 22, youth were introduced to youth to the benefits and opportunities of attending Alma. Youth learned about the admissions process, what it’s like to be an Alma Scot from students’ perspectives, and the financial aid opportunities available. On April 29, Alma College spoke to Detroit youth about the unique scholarships and resources available to them including a “Detroit Future Scholarship” that can be awarded to youth who live or go to high school in the city of Detroit. This scholarship “assists substantially with financial need making a private education affordable with minimal out-of-pocket expense.” In addition, Alma is dedicated to creating a diverse campus culture that is truly inclusive. One of the ways is through offering a campus-wide diversity and inclusion education workshops. Alma returns on May 10 to meet with youth from mid-Michigan, and on May 18 to meet with youth from northern Michigan. All events are free and open to the public.

Thank you to Jeff Swears, Jeff Abernathy, Amanda Slenski, Katie Yourchock and Gabriel Escobedo from Alma College for your partnership and leadership.

If you would like to become an educational or employer partner of Youth Solutions, please contact Elizabeth Bernhard at


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