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Amway Corporation Partnering with Northview Next Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Program

"Amway's partnership has been instrumental in our development as a program. They have been hands-on in making a connection with our students both on our campus and in their buildings. Mark Auterson and his team have been incredible to work with. Our students have gained such valuable experiences with Amway technicians working hands-on with them in our lab, and then able to make the connection when touring the Amway facility. We greatly appreciate all that Amway has and continues to do to make an impact on our youth." Drew Klopcic, Director of Northview Next High School

In March, two representatives from Amway visited our JMG class at Northview Public Schools to help youth with their hands-on lab modules and talk about careers in manufacturing. Youth were highly engaged as Mark Auterson and Daryl Smith shared their personal stories and experiences at Amway.

Mark had this to say about the JMG program at Northview Next. “ It is not just a manufacturing class, it is a career and personal development program. It focuses on developing aspects of each students’ business acumen, technical skills, personal interactions, and life skills. This program highlights technologies and processes that are needed in manufacturing operations, including multiple forms of automation and the troubleshooting support necessary for these applications. Amway Corporation is seeking to support young adults that want to build a career in manufacturing. The skills that students learn in this program will help them to transition directly into securing a career at the same time equip them with the skills necessary to be a productive and capable adult. One of the many values we cherish at Amway is personal worth, and the goal of this program aligns perfectly with that core value. We are excited to be given the opportunity to provide exposure to manufacturing as a career path and not “just a job”! Northview Next is working to break down the stereotypes about job roles in a manufacturing environment and help young adults realize their career potential, and we are happy to support any effort that will benefit the community.”

If you're interested in helping youth explore career paths, visit our website to learn more:


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