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August Doerr, From Quiet Determination to Alumni of the Year

August Doerr, Lansing School District, Capital Area Michigan Works!
August Doerr, Lansing School District, Capital Area Michigan Works!

When August Doerr joined the Lansing School District GED program at 16, her specialist immediately saw a unique spark in her quiet, shy demeanor. Creating a safe, supportive environment through the JMG program, her specialist helped August relax, open up, and engage in meaningful communication and mentorship.

August’s transformation shone during the JMG Legislative Day in 2023, where she confidently engaged with her legislator. Then, encouraged by her specialist, she participated in the Career Development Conference and delivered speeches at her graduation ceremony and the opening of Legislative Day 2024, showcasing her newfound confidence and brilliance.

Starting college at Lansing Community College this past fall, August achieved a 4.0 GPA and was invited to join the Psychology National Honor Society and Lansing Community College National Honor Society, recognizing her as being in the top 10% of students. Balancing full-time studies, she also works full-time as a nanny and at the YMCA and has gained her driver’s license and first car, marking significant milestones in her journey to independence.

Reflecting on her JMG experience, August shared that the program helped her rediscover her confidence in academics, public speaking, employment, and college. Overcoming significant trauma, she transformed into a confident, successful individual ready to contribute to the world and achieve anything she sets her mind to.

In August’s acceptance speech, she acknowledged her own transformation stating, “Ms. Bassy [JMG specialist] and the rest of the JMG team have provided me with opportunities I never thought I would have, and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them. The August from two years ago and the August you see standing before you right now have completely different ideas of self-worth, and that is largely because of the experiences and love that Jobs for Michigan Graduates has given me.” 

We are excited to see what August’s future holds. Watch a recording of her acceptance speech, here. 


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