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Brooke Modro: Hartford High School - Youth of the Year

Brooke Modro is an active and dedicated member of Hartford High School's Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) Career Association, a student-led organization that operates within each JMG program and promotes leadership development. She is a natural leader, having served as both the President of the Career Association and Vice President of Civic Awareness. Her unwavering commitment to the program, active participation, and exceptional planning and implementation of service-based and volunteer activities make her an outstanding member of the JMG community. Alongside her academic achievements, she works full-time at Lane Automotive and dedicates countless hours to JMG projects outside of class. Brooke is an outstanding role model and motivator, always the first to volunteer and last to leave any JMG event. Her dedication to making a positive impact in her community is unparalleled.

To hear Brooke’s acceptance speech, click here.


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