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Building the Future: Empowering Michigan's Youth for Success and Beyond

We are excited to announce the launch of our annual giving campaign, Building the Future, which will kick off on August 22. This year holds special significance as we celebrate 15 remarkable years of Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) programming. To commemorate our achievements since the inception of our program, we are kicking off a 15-week campaign.

With immense gratitude, we extend a special thank you to Lyons Industries for their generous donation to kick off the campaign. Every dollar we raise will be matched by Lyons Industries up to $15,000 in support in celebration of JMG’s impact. Their belief in our mission and dedication to our cause is inspirational. As a valued member of our community, we invite you to join us as we work together to make a lasting impact on the lives of the youth.

At Youth Solutions, we are proud to share that our organization has achieved a 98% graduation rate among the young people we serve and we have a 90%+ graduation rate 11 years running. This achievement reflects the power of our programs and the transformative impact they have on the lives of Michigan’s youth.

But we can’t do it without your support.

We understand the challenges that many young people face in accessing quality education, especially in underserved communities. That’s why Youth Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative programs and initiatives that address these challenges. Our aim is to bridge the gap between education and workforce development, ensuring equitable access to education and employment pathways for Michigan’s youth.

Join us in celebrating 15 years of JMG programming! Funds raised through the Building the Future campaign, will enable us to offer mentorship, scholarships, access to career pathway exploration, and opportunities to access essential resources that will empower youth to unlock their potential and thrive in life. Your support will not only impact individual lives, but will also contribute to the overall development of Michigan’s communities. By investing in Youth Solutions, you're investing in building a brighter future for Michigan.

Here are a few key initiatives that your contributions will help us achieve:

  1. Youth Mentorship: Our specialists and teachers are mentors to youth, guiding and inspiring them on their educational and career journeys. Through these valuable relationships, we foster personal growth, build confidence, and help youth make informed decisions about their futures with someone they trust.

  2. Scholarships: We aim to provide financial assistance to deserving students who lack the resources to pursue higher education. By investing in their future, we can empower them to break the cycle of poverty and achieve their dreams.

  3. Career Pathway Exploration and Skill Development: We recognize that traditional education paths may not suit everyone. That’s why we prioritize career pathway exploration. We believe in empowering young individuals to explore various professions and discover the one that ignites their passion the most. Simultaneously, we equip them with the tools and support needed to be successful.

  4. Access to Resources: Many young people face barriers such as lack of internet access, learning materials, or basic necessities that impede their educational progress. Through our partnerships with community organizations, we are able to help bridge those gaps of essential resources that empower youth to fully engage in their education and overcome obstacles.

“JMG has been amazing. Before entering the program, I was on a completely different path but my specialist took the time to mentor me and provide me the tools I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. I obtained my Bachelors and Masters degree and now work as a healthcare consultant. I’m also excited to say that I’m living out my passion for acting. JMG truly played a pivotal role in shaping my journey” -Keonte Turner, JMG Class of 2008

Thank you in advance for your support. To donate to our Building the Future' campaign, please visit our website at Together, let’s empower Michigan’s youth, create positive change, and build a brighter future for our communities.


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