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Youth Solutions Digital


Youth Solutions Digital offers help, support, and resources for youth to persist in education and career success.

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Digital Career Development

Inspiring students where they are, on their phones! 

Youth Solutions (YS) Digital offers support tools to streamline our program services, specifically in youth outreach and communication as well as delivery of life and career-readiness skills, through TalkingPoints (formerly GEO) and Pathful Explore (formerly Virtual Job Shadow). These two platforms help our program providers support youth to achieve a future beyond imagination!


Customizable curriculum aligned to JMG Power Competencies

Career exploration, goal setting, and pathway planning

Interest, Ability, and Aptitude surveys aligned to the 17 Career Clusters

Easy job, school, and scholarship search tools


Connecting young people to resources to help them find their path using Pathful Explore (formerly Virtual Job Shadow).


TalkingPoints (formerly GEO) is a two-way youth engagement platform that Youth Solutions gives to its specialist and managers to simplify communication with Jobs for Michigan's Graduates (JMG) participants. With the ability to message youth individually, in groups, or as a whole roster, TalkingPoints allows specialists to have the majority of their communication with youth happening in one easy and safe digital space.

JMG Aligned Career Exploration


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