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Creating More Solutions for Youth Success

While Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) has long been the premiere program of Youth Solutions, it’s always been our vision to provide a continuum of services to a wider age range of youth, responding to the changing needs of young people and to the changing needs of school districts. Keeping with the goals of the Youth Solutions strategic plan, we are rolling out new service options that expand and deepen the range of support to our young adults.

This summer, we will roll-out a pilot of our new Youth Solutions Digital Career Navigator, a digital communication service that meets young people where they are, texting on their phones. By using AI technology supplemented by a real-life human specialist, we can provide young people with access to both employer and postsecondary exploration, motivating them to persist in meaningful career paths. We’ll be partnering with Admit Hub to use their texting platform that includes features to help youth navigate their understanding of available career options and requirements . This knowledge will help them make postsecondary education and career decisions supporting their ultimate employment goals. If you are interested in learning more about Youth Solutions Digital Career Navigator, contact Tom Egan,

We’ve also recently rolled out career development resources for school districts called Youth Solutions Select. We’re piloting this work in partnership with a rural school district in the Beaverton, MI community, serving every youth in the district from 7th through 12th grade, offering support for creating educational development plans and connecting youth with employers and postsecondary education institutions. This solution creates a system that supports school staff to catch youth before they fall between the cracks. It is crucial to the future success of our state’s young people to engage them earlier, instilling a sense of purpose through activities like career exploration and planning, and connecting core academic classes to career pathways. To learn more about Youth Solutions Select and partnership opportunities, contact Donna Rummel at


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