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Get to Know Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Chairperson - Nolan Henson

JMG Alumnus from Southwestern Classical Academy

What part of the state do you currently live in?

Flint, Michigan

Are you currently employed? If so, where?

Student Assistant at Michigan Department of Transportation

Are you currently enrolled in secondary education or a trades program? If so, where? What are you studying?

Major 1.) Public and Nonprofit Admin 2.) Sociology Minor: Leadership Certificates: 1.) International NGO Administration 2.) Public Policy Analysis

Why did you join the YAC?

After working as an Intern for Youth Solutions, I wanted find ways to stay involved. Being on the YAC, allows me to act as a representative for Youth Solutions/JMG and act on my passion for workforce development. Planning events to help educate communities on career pathways and social topics is fulfilling. As YAC Chair, I hope to align YAC goals with JMG programs to build meaningful relationships.

What impact has the JMG program had on you?

In high school, JMG provided opportunities to research careers, apply for scholarships, develop leadership skills, and learn about financial literacy. This ultimately helped me prepare for college and the workforce. While in college, I worked as an intern for Youth Solutions. During my internship, I learned about marketing, data management, and event planning. JMG has offered opportunities to help me develop during and after high school.

Why do you believe others should others fund or support the JMG program? Why is JMG important?

JMG offers opportunities that impact young leaders on multiple levels. JMG provides opportunities for youth to prepare for and learn more about college/university, trade school, and the workforce. JMG's diverse opportunities show the organization's passion for impacting communities. Funding and supporting JMG would allow you to join our mission of helping young people find their path to education and employment success.

What is your favorite quote?

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett

Which JMG events have you attended?

Career Development Conference (CDC) and Coffee with a Purpose

How has attending any of the annual JMG youth events helped you prepare for your future?

As a participant, the 2018 CDC allowed me to practice my interview skills with professionals in Youth Solution's vast network. I got great feedback from the interview and placed 3rd in the interview competition. As a volunteer, The 2022 CDC allowed me to connect with JMG and learn about organizing a large-scale event. As a future nonprofit professional, event planning skills will help with fundraising and community engagement.

What is your favorite type of ice cream?

Blue Moon

What was your favorite subject in school?

Social Studies/History

Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?

Sweet Snacks

What is a fun fact about you?

My picture was featured in an exhibit at the Flint Institute of Arts.

What is one item on your bucket list?

Go to Japan!


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