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Get to Know Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Member - Eliana Reid

JMG Youth from Northwest Ed Career Tech Center

Where do you currently live in?

Suttons Bay

Are you currently employed? If so, where?

I have a summer job with Farview Orchards.

Are you currently enrolled in secondary education or a trades program? If so, where? What are you studying?

I am currently enrolled in the automotive repair prorgam at Northwest Ed CTC in Traverse City.

Why did you join the YAC?

I joined YAC for the love of the automotive program, and the opportunity to bring other students into an experience that I enjoyed so much.

What impact has the JMG program had on you?

JMG has offered me direction in life. With the help of my JMG specialist, I'm deciding what post-secondary education is right for me.

Why do you believe others should others fund or support the JMG program? Why is JMG important?

JMG is a valuable resource for young adults entering the workforce.

What is your favorite quote?

"Well, who am I to argue with me?" - Doctor Julian Bashir, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Which JMG events have you attended?

Legislative Days and National Student Leadership Academy (NSLA)

How has attending any of the annual JMG youth events helped you prepare for your future?

While at Legislative Days, I learned the importance of public image. While there, my delegation represented the JMG programs from our area. How we were perceived would affect the opinion of our organization, which holds true to professionalism in the workplace. Always put your best foot forward and make your organization proud!

What is your favorite type of ice cream?

Butter Pecan

What was your favorite subject in school?


Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?

Sweet Snacks

What is a fun fact about you?

I'm a big fan of the online gaming scene. I spend a lot of my free time playing games with my friends.

What is one item on your bucket list?

I want to be fluent in a language other than English. As of now, I'm having a great time learning Swedish on Duolingo!


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