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Impactful Employer Engagement: Whirlpool Mentorship Program with JMG Youth from Benton Harbor High School

Bridging the gap between education and workforce development, the mentorship program between Benton Harbor High School's Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) program and Whirlpool Corporation is a crucial initiative designed to equip students with the skills and experiences needed for future success. Through personalized, year-round mentoring, the program aims to foster meaningful connections that help students build brighter futures.

Central to this initiative is the collaboration between Whirlpool Corporation and Youth Solutions, highlighting the power of partnerships in youth development. Whirlpool Corporation hosts JMG students from Benton Harbor High School for various events throughout the year, including hands-on business simulations, shopping for business attire, and etiquette training, as a few examples. This comprehensive mentorship program has significantly impacted nearly 70 students over three consecutive years.

Thank you Whirlpool Corporation for your partnership and investment in youth. 


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