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JAG Nation Comes Together in Washington D.C. for NSLA and the 40th Anniversary JAG Gala

This December, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) hosted their 40th Anniversary JAG Gala and annual National Student Leadership Academy (NSLA) in Washington D.C. The NSLA is a capstone leadership experience for youth leaders providing unique experiences through experiential learning, real-world applicability, and networking. 265 JAG specialists, youth, and state leaders from across the nation participated and Michigan was well represented with eight Jobs for Michigan’s (JMG) youth.

One attendee, Nolan Henson, a Southwestern Classical Academy Alumnus and Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Chairperson, had the honor of speaking at the 40th Anniversary JAG Gala and was invited to attend the JAG National Board meeting.

Nolan was also one of five alumni chosen to speak during an employer engagement alumni panel moderated by Janelle Duray, JAG Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, during JAG’s NSLA opening lunch. Nolan gave fantastic advice to youth about how to get noticed in the job market and excel in their chosen career path.

NSLA was a great opportunity for youth to step out of their comfort zones and network with other youth from all over the country. Madison Collins, JMG youth from Benton Harbor High School said, “My experience at the NSLA was amazing. I got to meet new friends from Indiana, Ohio, Arizona, the Virgin Islands - I got to meet people from all over this world. It was so great to be able to connect with people that were so genuine, learn different leadership skills and grow.”

We’re proud to be able to provide youth unforgettable experiences and opportunities for skills development through our annual youth-focused events.

For more information about JAG’s NSLA you can visit their website, here.


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