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Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Youth Honor Legislative Champions

The annual Legislative Day event is one of two capstone events for Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) youth where they demonstrate the communication, professionalism, and employability skills learned throughout the year. During the event, held March 8 & 9 in Lansing, youth visited the Capitol building, had the opportunity to talk with State Representatives and Senators and connected with other youth from across the state who are in the JMG program. Youth participants honored four elected officials from around the state with the JMG Legislative Champion Award, an annual recognition for ongoing support of the work of Youth Solutions that helps young people succeed in education, employment, and in life. Those honored were: Representative Tom Albert R-District 86, Senator Stephanie Chang D-District 1, Representative John Cherry D-District 49, and Senator Aric Nesbitt R-District 26. Thank you for your support in helping youth achieve a future beyond imagination.


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