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Lyons Industries Hosts Personal Site Tour for JMG Youth

At Youth Solutions, our partnerships allow us to inspire Michigan’s youth to achieve their fullest potential in education and employment. Exposing youth to different opportunities that allow them to explore career pathways is a key part of the successful outcomes of the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) program. In May, Lyons Industries, one of our employer partners, hosted 13 JMG youth from Benton Harbor, Eau Claire and Hartford High Schools at their facility. Our youth received a personalized tour of Lyons Industries, Inc and engaged in an introduction to robotics. Youth were given an opportunity to operate a welding robot and learn about the importance of automation in manufacturing.

“That was a fun day! It was so nice to have the students visit our facility, spend time with us and see the different options available to them once they graduate. We wish them all the best and hope they utilize Lyons for employment needs.” - Kasia Lyszkiewicz, Human Resources Manager at Lyons Industries.

Thank you to Lyons Industries for hosting our JMG youth and being a true partner in inspiring and connecting our youth to achieve a future beyond imagination! To find out how you can become a postsecondary or employer partner, contact Tom Egan at


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