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Manufacturing Month - Learn About Jobs in Manufacturing

If you still believe that manufacturing jobs are dirty, repetitive and a last resort for those who can’t find any other work, think again! Manufacturing in the United States has evolved, transitioning from mostly manual labor-filled assembly lines or manual practices to more technologically advanced, automated processes. There are plenty of jobs available in manufacturing so there is something for nearly everyone!

CNN recently ran an article with the headline, “American Factories Are Desperate For Workers.” American manufacturing is poised to help our economy make a comeback, but they can’t fill their open positions. Employment opportunities in manufacturing range from entry-level, unskilled jobs to specialized roles like welders, machinists and engineers. Most manufacturers have career ladders that allow and encourage workers to advance by developing their skills. If you are looking to grow within the company, many of these organizations offer on the job training, apprenticeships, and educational reimbursement. Manufacturing jobs pay a highly competitive wage and offer generous benefits too. And although the majority of manufacturing employees are still male, there are excellent opportunities for women to make their mark in these businesses as well.

If you are a critical thinker, can pay attention to detail, have an interest and aptitude for technology, have the ability to learn new skills, can communicate effectively and are dependable, you should consider a career in manufacturing. You can literally make something!

During the month of October, we’ll be celebrating Manufacturing Month. Emphasizing manufacturing gives our employer partners an opportunity to communicate their job openings but also to showcase their operations and let people know about careers within manufacturing.

Parents or students - If you are interested in learning more about careers in manufacturing, talk to your school counselor or your program specialist. You can also follow our Youth Solutions social media channels to learn about our employer partners and their opportunities.


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