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Meet our October Specialist of the Month: Seth Greunberg

Meet our Specialist of the Month winner for October, Seth Greunberg, an Out-of-School Specialist, from Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium in Otsego/Montmorency. Seth has been a JMG Specialist for ten months now and has already been making a difference in the lives of the youth he serves. His true passion for supporting and guiding youth to overcome their barriers and excel in whatever career path they choose to take shows everyday through his work. We asked several questions so you can get to know him better:

Why did you become a JMG Specialist?

I became a Specialist to help the youth who face barriers in high school and in life overcome as many of them as they can with the resources and guidance I can provide.

What inspires you about your job?

Helping the youth that really need it inspires me everyday. I find the most joy in helping youth overcome their barriers and get through high school.

Recall a favorite memory about being a specialist.

My favorite memory about being a specialist has been successfully helping a homeless youth find a place to live.

What is one of the greatest challenges you face in your job?

Data entry is the greatest challenge I face in my job.

What is one of the greatest highlights/joys of your job?

Being able to actually make a difference in the lives of youth. Knowing that I am making a positive change and helping young people who actually need it and deserve it is so rewarding.

Why do you think JMG is so important for youth?

JMG helps provide the support and guidance that youth need in order to overcome their barriers and excel in whatever career path they choose to take. JMG also helps youth explore their options and helps them find out what they truly want to do with their future. When I was in school, I didn’t have that option and I really wish I had. JMG provides a lot of useful information that will impact our youths’ lives forever. Getting youth on the right track to graduate high school and get where they want to be is what JMG is all about.

Share your hobbies, do you have any pets, what do you like to do in your spare time, etc. A couple random facts to get to know you better.

My biggest passion is writing and recording music. All of my spare time is dedicated to that specific creative and therapeutic endeavor. When I’m not working, I’m working on music. I have a dog named Moses and a cat.

Nominations are open to ALL, including our employer partners! If you know a phenomenal specialist, we encourage you to nominate them as our November Specialist of the month.

Nominate a specialist who deserves to be recognized, here.


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