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Melanie Gunn - Southwest MW!/Kalamazoo County - Alumni of the Year

Melanie’s nomination from her Specialist Debra James began, “Melanie epitomizes the best of JMG with her diligence, resilience, and her sense of community.” Melanie came into the program after dropping out of high school. She enrolled in GED classes and passed all of the required classes. Receiving her GED was an achievement she was especially proud of as she was the first person in her family, in three generations, to complete high school. A tragedy she experienced in middle school, the suicide of a friend, contributed to her struggle while in school as she had a hard time focusing. As a way to cope and to help find closure, Melanie and a few friends started a Facebook page dedicated to the classmate that took her life. The page sheds light on teenage suicide and offers resources fo those who are coping with depression. Melanie was recently notified that she received a Child Development Associate internship.


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