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Molly Embraces The New Year and New Possibilities

With the support of Jobs for Michigan’s Graduate (JMG) at Cadillac High School, 2021 was a year of growth, skill development, and success for Molly McKeever. As the new year begins, she looks to 2022 with optimism as she works toward her goal of one day going to medical school.

Despite the economic challenges Molly faced, she entered the JMG program committed to her academic success and was determined to achieve her educational goals. With the help of JMG, Molly learned valuable leadership skills and obtained credible work experiences that helped her decide what she wanted her future to be and she set goals for herself to help her get there. While in high school, in addition to JMG, Molly was a member of the Student Council and played on the hockey, volleyball, and softball teams. Molly is driven by the desire to not only achieve personal success, but to also do good for her community through community service activities and involvement in her church bereavement ministry.

Molly became one of the first recipients of the Networks Northwest JMG Scholarship for 2021. As a result of obtaining this scholarship, upon graduation, Molly was able to enroll at Lake Superior State University and is currently studying Biology and playing on the women’s hockey team. Molly credits JMG, “I am thankful for the opportunity I had to be able to participate in the JMG program. I learned about all the options I had to further my education and the help I can get around me.”

We look forward to watching her shine and can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes throughout 2022 and beyond.


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