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Nolan Henson - Embracing Opportunities

Nolan credits his public speaking and networking abilities to the leadership and communication skills developed while in the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduate (JMG) program at Southwestern Classical Academy. These skills ultimately led to an internship with the Mayor of Flint. Nolan, who is a former Youth Solutions intern, is currently attending Central Michigan University and his interest in public service and public policy led to a meeting, set up by a friend, with Mayor Neeley. Nolan was interested in talking with the Mayor to gain insight into blight issues, economic development and writing policy. Through this meeting, Nolan was able to shadow and observe the Mayor as he took direct action on blight, engaged with constituents and discussed policies. To Nolan’s surprise, the day ended with an internship offer in the Blight Department of the Mayor's office.

As Nolan looks forward to graduation from college in the spring, he is faced with the decision of next steps toward his future goals. He is deciding on two paths, graduate school to study civil engineering, public policy, or urban development, or he might work to get a professional certificate in project management and use it to go into housing development, education or public service. Whatever path he decides to take, we can’t wait to see what he will accomplish.


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