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Youth of the Year, RJ Hudson, Overcoming Barriers and Accomplishing Goals

RJ Hudson, JMG Youth of the Year
RJ Hudson, from GST Michigan Works!, Family Literacy Center

Meet RJ Hudson, Youth of the Year from GST Michigan Works!, Family Literacy Center.

RJ's life took a significant turn when he arrived at the Family Literacy Center and connected with a JMG specialist, Nicole Medellin. Initially, RJ's goal was simply to obtain his GED, but he quickly realized that JMG offered much more. In his specialist, he found not only a mentor but a partner—someone to guide and support him.

Several years ago, RJ made the tough decision to drop out of traditional high school to help provide for his family. When he decided to pursue his GED, to unlock a brighter future for himself, and his family, JMG entered his life. Driven by newfound support, RJ completed his GED in just one month. His specialist then assisted him in securing a new job to continue supporting his family, from the application process through to the interview, and obtaining car insurance, while also exploring future career options. RJ's interest in technology and trades led him to discover a Mechatronics program at Mott Community College that perfectly aligned with his aspirations.

Beyond his academic and career pursuits, RJ has become an active volunteer at the Family Literacy Center, helping with various tasks and supporting the nonprofit's mission. His gratitude for the JMG support has translated into a strong belief in the program's power, so much so that he recruited his brother to join JMG as well. 

In his Youth of the Year acceptance speech, RJ explained, “JMG didn't just help me academically—they also provided me with a sense of community and belonging. Their mentors became more than just advisors; they became friends and confidants, cheering me on every step of the way. And when I finally received my GED, it wasn't just a piece of paper—it was a symbol of hope, resilience, and the power of never giving up on your dreams.”

RJ continued by saying “Thanks to JMG, I not only earned my GED but also gained invaluable insight into various career paths and learned the steps needed to achieve my goals. JMG’s dedication to helping students explore and pursue their passions is truly commendable, and I am incredibly grateful for the impact they've had on my life and countless others.”

Congratulations RJ for setting goals and achieving them. We are proud of you and look forward to what your future holds. Read his full acceptance speech, here.


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