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Sharing Knowledge Nationwide: Our Team Takes the Stage at the 40th Annual JAG NTS

Inspiring Brilliance, Fostering Connections, and Elevating the JAG Community

We are thrilled to share that four of our talented Youth Solutions team members have been selected to attend and present at the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) National Training Seminar (NTS) in Louisville, Kentucky on July 10 - 14. In addition, several JMG specialists and managers from across the state will be attending. NTS is the most extensive professional development experience for those who are a part of the JAG National Network. It’s an opportunity to gain inspiration, deeper skill sets and build robust professional networks with the best JAG specialists, managers, trainers and administrators from across the United States. Kim Bordeau, Senior Manager of Program Success, will spend time networking with JAG leadership and other state leaders to exchange best practices and discuss the future direction of JAG. Our other three Youth Solutions team members will have the opportunity to learn and share their own experiences through their engaging presentations. We are proud of their achievements and are excited for them to showcase their expertise on a national stage.

Alexandra Packer, Learning and Resource Development Manager, and Vic’Shonda Newbern, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) Workforce Pathways Specialist, will be sharing their experiences with TalkingPoints, an innovative, online communications platform that simplifies communications between specialists and their youth. Packer and Newbern will help the audience enhance their efforts to engage and communicate with the youth within their programs.

Meagen Staton, Manager of Program Success, North, will be sharing her top strategies for maximizing college readiness and resilience. In her presentation, Staton will share success stories related to early middle colleges (EMCs) and how they, using the JAG programming, can significantly improve their college preparedness efforts.

We are proud of the impact of our programs and our team members who are dedicated to supporting others along their path to success. Help us celebrate our dedicated employees who are committed to inspiring and connecting youth to a brighter future! We hope everyone attending NTS has an enlightening experience.


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