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Thank you Governor Whitmer and Michigan Legislature for Continued Support

Governor Whitmer signed the FY 2021-2022 budget and Youth Solutions has received an appropriation to support our work and the youth we serve through our premier program, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates. We appreciate the ongoing support and commitment from Governor Whitmer, the Michigan Legislature and our friends at the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, to the young people we serve.

This appropriation reflects strong bi-partisan support from the Legislature and from the Governor’s office. In addition, it is a recognition of the strong and consistent statewide results of our program. During an exceptionally difficult year, the dedicated staff delivered on the goals of the program. Beyond the metrics, they did something more valuable. They worked tirelessly to provide comfort and support for their youth, oftentimes at all hours of the day or night. These efforts are making a difference with our young people, providing a sense of purpose and belonging. We are immensely grateful for our Specialists and Managers around the state for their continued dedication.


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