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Thank you Lance Lyons and Lyons Industries for your Continued Support

We are excited to share that Lance Lyons and Lyons Industries recently donated $10,000 to our annual giving campaign Fund the Future. We are immensely grateful for their contribution to our youth programming and their continued support of our community and mission!

On Friday, January 27, a few of our Youth Solutions team members, including Mollie Waller, Executive Director for Youth Solutions, visited Lyons Industries Inc. to receive this generous donation and tour their plant located in Dowagiac.

“We are grateful for people like Lance that believe in the work we are doing to prepare Michigan’s youth for success in education and employment,” said Mollie. “Donations like this will support our ability to impact even more youth which will help them, and Michigan, have a more prosperous future.”

Lance has been a supporter of the program for several years, both financially and by inviting Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) youth from around the region to tour his facility and share the different opportunities that exist at Lyons Industries. He has also hired young graduates of our program.

“It is my honor to support this program,” said Lance Lyons, President of Lyons Industries. “I have always had a passion for developing our region’s youth because they are the future workforce of our communities. By supporting Youth Solutions, I know I'm directly supporting youth on their journey to obtaining the education and employment that they need to be successful,” he added.

We are thankful for the continued support from organizations like Lyons Industries to maintain and expand our programs, services, and impact on youth.


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