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Welcome to the New Year - A Look Back, A Look Forward

Over the upheaval of the past year and a half, we are immensely proud of our Specialists who have gone above and beyond to provide a sense of purpose and belonging to our youth. We are also proud of the dedication and commitment shown by our youth. Collectively, 2021 was a challenging year, after 2020 which was also a challenging year. We are proud of everything we’ve accomplished and some of our highlights are captured here, in our 2021 Impact Report. Throughout this report, you will see how we listen and respond to the needs of our youth and lift their voices.

As we move into the new year, we have a bold and focused plan to expand services to impact the lives of more young people throughout Michigan. Our efforts are laying the foundation for an educated and talented workforce that meets the needs of employers and enhances communities throughout Michigan. This effort couldn’t come at a more critical time as the increase in youth disconnection from education and employment is a challenge we continue to face amidst the COVID pandemic. Youth need our services now more than ever. We will continue to watch the changing landscape of education and employment and make sure our services support the changing needs of our youth. We remain committed to serving youth and to working to inspire them to achieve a future beyond imagination.


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