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What’s Next in the Area of Workforce and Education? Special Trends Report

Youth Solutions has identified 5 trend areas that will impact the workforce and education space throughout 2022; Over the next 5 months, we will address one trend each month. April’s focus will address Staffing Issues and the Workforce Shortages.

Asking “What’s next in the area of workforce development and education?” seems like a loaded question. It’s a challenge to predict what’s on the horizon when there is so much uncertainty in our world right now. But we’ve always been known as an organization that is forward-thinking and innovative, so we interviewed our staff members and analyzed data to identify the “hot topics” in the area of workforce development and education.

What came out of that session was a long list of trending issues that we believe will continue to have an impact throughout 2022. We pared that list down to 5 key areas that we see impacting the workforce and education space. Those 5 Important Trends Impacting Workforce Development and Education include:

  • Staffing Issues and the Workforce Shortages

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Skills Development

  • Talent Shift

  • Creative Flexibility

Over the next few months, we will address each of these topics and then compile them into a whitepaper, including how Youth Solutions is helping to address the issues. (If you want a copy of the Workforce and Education Trends position paper, send us an email,, and we’ll make sure you’re on the list.)


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