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Whirlpool’s Dedication to Fostering Local Talent Through Mentorship

At Youth Solutions, our partnerships allow us to inspire Michigan’s youth to achieve their fullest potential in education and employment. Whirlpool Corporation, one of our employer partners, is creating a mentoring program specifically for Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) youth at Benton Harbor High School. This program is led in part by Damita Burton, a 2002 Benton Harbor High School Alumna, who’s been with Whirlpool for nearly 14 years and is dedicated to helping her community.

Youth participants will benefit from 1 on 1 support by being paired with a Benton Harbor based Whirlpool employee. This will allow youth to walk alongside a Whirlpool employee, receive support in post-high school plans, and learn how to navigate high school to ensure they are prepared for life beyond graduation. This mentoring program allows youth to discover their strengths, build lifelong relationships, unlock access to potential job opportunities and find a career path that makes sense for them.

A special thank you to Whirlpool Corporation for being a true partner in inspiring and connecting our youth to achieve a future beyond imagination. To find out how you can become a postsecondary or employer partner, contact Elizabeth Bernhard at


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