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Youth Solutions Presents Program Strategy at Michigan's Largest Workforce Development Conference

The Michigan Works! Association provides services and support to Michigan’s workforce development system and we are proud to partner with 15 of the 16 Michigan Works! agencies across the state. Their annual conference features world-class presenters who have something interesting, exciting and informative to say about the latest strategic approaches, tools and technologies in workforce development. Our Senior Manager of Innovations for Youth Solutions, Donna Rummel, had the pleasure of presenting a strategy for youth programming.

Donna's standing room only presentation focused on providing a comprehensive set of services to youth by looking across all the available programs, starting with our premier program, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG). Our programs have the least restrictive eligibility requirements. As youth begin their JMG journey, we work with the workforce agencies to add services including those offered by Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other federal funded programs. This helps prevent duplication of services and offers a tailored approach to meet each youth's unique needs.

Find out more about the 2022 Michigan Works! Annual Conference, here.

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