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Celebrating Careers in Energy Week

There is one thing for certain: We have a constant need for energy and that is creating an industry where the future career outlook is bright! Whether it’s the HVAC system that heats our homes, the appliances that we rely on to prepare our food and chill our water or the power that feeds our devices, nearly everything we touch in our daily lives has a need for energy.

What may not be so obvious is the fact that there are a variety of paths that can guide you to a career in energy. The industry needs candidates with a wide range of skills and often seek those people who are interested in serving their community as well as those who want to travel. Many of the companies that are looking to hire don’t require any previous experience. If you have a strong core of discipline and are open to learning, companies are willing to train you on the requirements for a successful career in energy.

If you are interested in seeking a job in a growing field, a career in energy may flip your switch! There are a variety of different opportunities within the field of energy. Looking at the image from the Michigan Energy Workforce Development Consortium (MEWDC) below, you can see that there are several options, from the generation of electricity or gas products to the maintenance of power or gas lines near our homes and businesses. Although you may be more familiar with some of the common jobs available in the field like engineers, geoscientists, IT and marketing, every point along this path requires someone to construct or maintain it. The average salary for a Gas Utility Specialist is $21/hour and an Electric Line-Worker is $34/hour and both careers have opportunities for advancement. And those are just a few of the career options available within the energy industry that have an annual projected growth rate of 7-22% annually.

We are celebrating Careers in Energy Week so we can help the state of Michigan put a spotlight on the industry and the job opportunities available. If you are looking for hands-on, outdoor work with excellent salaries and benefits, consider a career in energy. If you aren’t familiar with jobs in the energy field, check out the website that is dedicated to helping young adults “get into energy.”

Our Youth Solutions programs are focused on inspiring and connecting Michigan’s youth to achieve a future beyond imagination. If you have questions about how to prepare for your future career or how to help a young person prepare for theirs, check out what Youth Solutions has to offer at

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