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    Inspiring and connecting youth to achieve a future beyond imagination.

What We Do

We are advocates. We are coaches. We are mentors. We are ambassadors. We are connectors. Ultimately, we are solution seekers, deeply engaged and committed to preparing Michigan’s youth for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Youth Solutions Strategic Plan

To learn more about our organization and our focused strategy, click to download our strategic plan.

To learn more about our impact in Michigan, view our impact report.


Over the past five months we have shared in our newsletter, the five important trends, that we identified, impacting workforce development and education in 2022. Those trends are:

  • Staffing Issues and the Workforce Shortages

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Skills Development

  • Talent Shift

  • Creative Flexibility

We addressed each of these issues and compiled them into a white paper available by entering your email below.

Invest in our Youth

As a partner, we connect you to a diverse group of motivated and inspired young people ready to achieve their future goals. By investing in our youth, you are also investing in your community.

Our organization has positively impacted more than


youth across Michigan and will continue to evolve our offerings to ensure their ultimate success

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Our Events

We raise up the youth voice, offering leadership opportunities and interactive events that support our young adults and connect them to potential future employers, colleges, trade schools and those who positively impact their future.

Holding Hands
Green quotation marks

JMG is a place for me to be myself, present my ideas, learn leadership skills, and find the right job for me.

- Miles 

Hear from our 2022 Youth of the Year

Every year, three outstanding youth from our premier program, Jobs for Michigan's Graduates (JMG), are recognized for their leadership skills at our annual Career Development Conference (CDC). Two current program participants and one alumni receive this annual recognition for their success and accomplishments in the program and beyond. All three are outstanding assets to the Youth Solutions community.

Samantha Finch


Youth of the Year

Marquette Alger Technical Middle College

Irais Cortez


Youth of the Year

Hartford High School
Youth Solutions

Delann Pillivant


Alumni of the Year

Pershing High School
Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation

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