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Meet Adam, August, Cole, and Carter: the Four Incredible Youth who attended Legislative Day 2023

The Jobs for Michigan's Graduates (JMG) program has been instrumental in equipping young people with the skills to overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment, and in life. Adam, August, Cole, and Carter, four outstanding youth that recently attended Legislative Day, are just a few of the many success stories of JMG. Each of these young people has faced challenges in their lives, but with the help of JMG, they have been able to overcome those obstacles and work towards a brighter future.

Adam, from Lansing School District, who just received his official GED, is a great example of the kind of impact that JMG can have on young people's lives. By overcoming his fear of public speaking, with the help of his JMG Specialist, Charron Basey, he was able to present to judges and win third place in the Creative Problem Solving competition at the 2022 Career Development Conference (CDC). Now, he plans to apply to Lansing Community College (LCC) to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), using the skills he learned through JMG to pursue a career that suits his personality and disposition.

August (Carley), also from Lansing School District, who has been in JMG for under a year, has already made great strides towards her future goals. She plans to study psychology and dance at LCC, using dance as a form of therapy. Receiving support and guidance from the JMG program, August has been able to overcome personal barriers and is actively working on her mental health. Building resumes, time management, and workplace skills are ways JMG has helped her prepare and set goals for her future.

“Our JMG specialist has helped me in the process of applying for college, learning how to present my skills in an interview, and feeling confident in my ability to succeed. The atmosphere created by JMG is one of positivity and reassurance. I am eternally grateful for the uplifting support this program has given me,” expressed August.

Cole and Carter, JMG youth from Upper Peninsula Michigan Works!, both overcame academic and personal challenges with the help of JMG. Both had little to no work experience, but JMG helped them explore different careers by going on tours of different businesses and having guest speakers visit their classrooms. Through career exploration, job search skills, leadership development, and financial literacy learned through the JMG program, Cole and Carter are setting themselves up for long term success.

We are proud of these young people and it is inspiring to see the impact that JMG has had on their lives. We look forward to seeing everything they accomplish on their path to achieving a future beyond imagination.


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