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Meet Carson Haskin: Overcoming Challenges to Emerge as a Leader in the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates Program

Carson Haskin, a remarkable Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) youth from Northwest Education Services Career Tech Center, stands as a shining success story. Overcoming obstacles with determination and fueled by the unwavering support of the JMG program, Carson has evolved into a confident leader and aspiring Toyota certified mechanic.

Before entering the JMG program, Carson faced a set of significant challenges - struggling to find his voice, lacking direction, and wrestling with uncertainties. As the youngest in his cohort, Carson battled shyness and lacked the confidence needed to realize his full potential. Entering JMG, however, marked a significant turning point for Carson, providing him with opportunities to grow personally and emerge as a leader. 

Despite his age, Carson always exhibits a level-headed nature and has been a driving force in enhancing his local JMG program. Throughout his time in JMG, he has prioritized building connections within his program and creating opportunities for his peers to form meaningful bonds. Recently, he took the lead in establishing a robust leadership structure for his program and was elected as its president, showcasing his commitment to the program's growth and success.

Beyond his local program, Carson has played a pivotal role in the Youth Solutions Youth Advisory Council (YAC), actively leading fundraising efforts for the YAC Scholarship and representing JMG at the statewide level. Additionally, he was chosen to attend Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) National Student Leadership Academy (NSLA) in Washington D.C. where he had the opportunity to represent Michigan and advocate for the JMG program. The experience at NSLA has profoundly shaped Carson's understanding of leadership, emphasizing the importance of service to others in his future endeavors.

Pictured is Carson meeting with United States Congressman Jack Bergman of Michigan, in Washington, D.C. This meeting provided youth the rare opportunity to use their voice to share their personal stories and discuss issues important to them, at the national level.

Alongside his dedication to education and JMG, Carson manages two jobs. Through JMG and his automotive class, he secured a work-based learning opportunity at Serra Toyota in Traverse City, initially joining their pit crew. Impressed with his skills, he was hired permanently and now benefits from mentorship by an experienced mechanic. Carson finds this experience fulfilling, and he envisions continuing his journey with Serra Toyota post-graduation, aiming to enroll in their T10 training program to become a certified mechanic.

We are so proud of Carson and look forward to the outstanding accomplishments he'll achieve in the future. 

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