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Throwing Caps

This year, we are introducing the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Scholarship which will provide Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates youth the opportunity to be awarded scholarship funds toward post-secondary education and/or skilled trades certification.

Fund the Future
Your contribution can help a youth achieve a future beyond imagination!


Our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is making a difference by creating our first-ever YAC scholarship. This annual YAC Scholarship is a youth-led initiative that provides JMG youth the opportunity to apply and win scholarship funds toward post-secondary education and/or a skilled trade.


The scholarship may be used for tuition & fees, books, registration costs, or training/certifications. 

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We invite YOU to Fund the Future!
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Social Media Toolkit

Help us promote the YAC Scholarship on social media!

We’ve created the following
social media toolkit that provides the resources you need to promote the YAC Scholarship!

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I believe that the biggest reason the YAC wanted to start this scholarship is to continue to support JMG students and alumni in their future endeavors. I feel that this is extremely important because as a current college student I understand just how big of a barrier money can be when deciding to pursue additional education of any kind. Hopefully through this scholarship, the YAC will be able to help ease that burden for some of our fellow students and alumni!


Natasha Terrell

JMG Alumna 

Youth Solutions Intern

Youth Advisory Council Member

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Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of emerging leaders who are passionate about Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) programming and want to help carry on the purpose of inspiring and connecting youth to achieve a future beyond imagination. 

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