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JMG Alumni Give Back as Volunteers at CDC

For the first time ever, JMG alumni volunteered at the CDC! As a part of the Alumni Network, these seven young people came to Lansing to give back and offer support to active youth in the program. We are extremely grateful for their participation and for being outstanding representatives of the program. Thank you to the following seven alumni:

Natasha Terrell - 2016 graduate of Gwinn High School

Nolan Henson - 2018 graduate of FLint Southwestern Classical Academy

Osvaldo Hernandez - 2021 graduate of Hartford High School

Crystall Steele - 2021 graduate of Hartford High School

Caitlin Steele - 2019 graduate of Hartford High School

Delann Pillivant - 2020 graduate of Pershing High School

Mani Mesh - 2020 graduate of Windover High School

Learn more about our CDC Alumni Volunteers, here!


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