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Checking in with the 2019 Youth of the Year, Caitlin Steele

“Caitlin Steele is by far the most deserving of the JMG Youth of the Year award because of her steadfast dedication to the program, her participation and active service within Hartford’s Career Association, and her exceptional planning/implementation of service-based and volunteer activities throughout the program year.” Hartford High School JMG Specialist, Jocelynne Braddock.

Caitlin Steele, a 2019 JMG and Hartford High School alumna, was a JMG rock star in and out of the classroom. Never allowing barriers to stand in her way, Caitlin was a leader and organizer, serving as Vice President of the JMG Student Leadership Career Association and motivating her fellow JMG classmates to excel. Through the skills developed in the program and her dedication to helping others, Caitlin organized fundraisers and blood drives at her school, created a volunteer tutoring service to help middle school students, and participated in a mentoring program for Special Education students.

It’s not a surprise that Caitlin was awarded the 2019 JMG Youth of the Year, an honor bestowed upon youth in the program for their leadership skills and in recognition of their success and accomplishments within the program. What is Caitlin up to now? She is pursuing her interest in cooking and works full time as a baker at Tim Hortons. She is working hard and saving money towards her dream of opening her own food truck one day. "The leadership and goal setting skills I learned while in JMG enables me to focus on my future and make my dreams become reality," said Caitlin.

Caitlin embodies the true spirit of a leader and we were honored to recognize her outstanding achievements throughout her three years in the JMG program. We look forward to this year’s Career Development Conference (CDC), JMG’s annual workplace and career skills knowledge event in Lansing on April 29, and honoring three new outstanding youth of the year for 2022 who have shined throughout the year.

To learn more about the CDC, visit our website:


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