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Meet our New YAC Chairperson and Vice Chair - Nolan Henson and Sereta Fager

We are thrilled to introduce our newly appointed Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Chairperson, Nolan Henson, for the second consecutive year, and our Vice Chair, Sereta Fager! The YAC is a group of emerging leaders who are passionate about Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) programming and want to help advocate for Youth Solutions and provide new opportunities to incorporate the youth voice.

As a JMG Alumnus from Southwestern Classical Academy, and former Youth Solutions Intern, Nolan has remained closely connected to Youth Solutions. Nolan credits his public speaking and networking abilities to the leadership and communication skills developed while in the JMG program. Now, as he approaches the completion of his college journey and takes his first professional step at the Ruth Mott Foundation, his strong interest in the nonprofit sector is complemented by his active involvement in Youth Solutions through the YAC. This experience is equipping him with valuable skills and insights that he can leverage in his future career. As Nolan continues his journey of personal and professional growth, he shares his vision for the future of young leaders within the organization.

“I want to spend time building relationships with current YAC members and help them determine how they can best express themselves through the YAC,” says Nolan.

Sereta, one of the first students to enroll in our relatively new JMG program at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC), shares Nolan's passion for Youth Solutions' work. She expressed that JMG equipped her with vital life skills that significantly enhanced her leadership skills. Sereta has a bright future ahead as she aspires to double major in Anthropology and Creative Writing. Her commitment to leadership extends beyond the JMG program, as she currently serves as the Vice President of the Student Government Association at NMC and is actively involved as a Big Sister and an Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Her dedication to empowering others and fostering growth within her community aligns with the values and mission of the YAC.

“I joined the YAC to improve my experience and skill set as a mentor, with the hope that I can develop a stronger sense of self confidence and leadership. I plan to help promote growth and overall success by bringing a fresh perspective and listening to others in order to determine what is most beneficial as a whole,” says Sereta.

Both Nolan and Sereta have made significant contributions to the YAC. Their dedication and leadership were evident when they represented JMG at the prestigious Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) National Student Leadership Academy (NSLA) in Washington D.C., where they gained valuable insights that have since enriched the YAC's growth and development. They also spearheaded this year’s Double Good popcorn fundraiser, raising $374 for the YAC scholarship fund, a youth-led initiative started by the YAC last year. This year, they are excited for more opportunities to foster the YAC's continued success.

We are grateful for Nolan and Sereta’s involvement and leadership in YAC and look forward to seeing the amazing things they will accomplish on behalf of Youth Solutions and the JMG program.

To learn more about the YAC, click here.


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