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The Significance of Juneteenth

Educate, Celebrate & Activate

June 19, also known as “Juneteenth,” is the federal holiday marking the point when African Americans were freed from slavery in 1865. The day is also known as “Juneteenth Independence Day,” “Freedom Day” or “Emancipation Day.”

According to, “It is a day, a week and in some areas a month marked with celebrations, guest speakers, picnics and family gatherings. It is a time for reflecting and rejoicing. It is a time for assessment, self-improvement and planning for the future. Its growing popularity signifies a level of maturity and dignity in America long overdue.” On June 17, 2021, President Biden signed a bill that made Juneteenth the 11th holiday recognized by the federal government.

Youth Solutions and our parent company, Kinexus Group, commemorate Juneteenth annually with opportunities to learn more about the importance of this day. Di’Andre Hureskin, LEAD Career Development Specialist, has taken the lead on education efforts within our organization. This year we will celebrate Juneteenth by sharing the history of the holiday and the importance to society. We will have individual storytelling by 2 of our staff, 2 Spoken Word Artists, a Dance performance by a local Youth Dance Group, enjoy catered food by a local black owned-business, entertainment, and Q&A session to engage our staff. Hureskin believes that being UNCOMFORTABLE with being COMFORTABLE is one of the first steps towards UNDERSTANDING & UNITY. It’s IMPORTANT that we come TOGETHER in SOLIDITY & EMBRACE the differences that make us the same.

In an increasingly tough labor market where employers are struggling to find talent, let alone diverse talent, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) by honoring Juneteenth is a competitive advantage.

As an education to employment organization we are excited to learn more and participate in Juneteenth to help expand understanding and increase unity in our communities.


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